British Polymer

Being founded more than 10 years ago, British Polymer company started its activity with the extrusion of films, taking a leading position in the market of polymer materials. Developing further, it was decided to Supplement the scope of activity with the recycling of complex composite polymers based on LDPE, HDPE, PP. Thanks to investment in high-tech European (English and German) equipment and a team of professionals who approach their work with responsibility, our company has been able to establish itself as a reliable partner and survive all the crises of the past years, working smoothly and accurately with customers and suppliers.

Who are we?

Today, the company owns several sites in Moscow and the Moscow region, each of which recycles its own type of polymers. We can offer to our customers the highest quality secondary granules at affordable prices.

In addition, our company is able to offer to its customers equipment for recycling of contaminated waste, also laboratory equipment (MFI-testers, electronic balances, electronic moisture analyzer, etc.) for measuring the parameters of the finished granules. All equipment is manufactured under the control of our European partners from the USA, Europe and Asia.

Our company participates in an environmental program to preserve the environment and considers this one of the main principles of its work. By increasing the volume of processing, and thereby reducing atmospheric pollution, we try to maintain a balance between the increasing consumption of polymers in our lives and the pollution of polymer waste.


Our equipment

Plasmac Omega 80

Country of manufacturer – United Kingdom

The unique short-SCREW technology provides:

  • Minimum energy consumption
  • Low shear force
  • Minimum polymer residence time in the recycling machine
  • Minimum degradation of the material
  • The highest productivity on the market
  • Direct extrusion, no pre-grinding required
  • SY-View HMI management (fully computerized)
  • The most compact extrusion granulator on the market for recycling polymer materials

Plasmac offers an effective method for reducing thermal degradation in the recycling of polymer waste – a shortened two-meter screw with a sharply reduced L/D ratio in the extrusion granulator, so that the processed waste in the extruder is short-lived and therefore subject to minimal thermal effects.

Manufacturer : Plasmac Ltd, Unit 11/12 Aylesbury Business Centre, Chamberlain Road, Aylesbury, Bucks HP19 8DY, England

Website :

Extruders with a shortened screw consume less energy, which allows you to use a smaller engine and achieve a better power/cost ratio.

The double-diameter screw allows the recycling of very light materials with a low volume density, such as films and foamed products with a density of <0.065 g / cm3, without pre-grinding and without a forced feed system.

The best indicators in the world for the consumption of electricity spent on the production of 1 kg of finished granules.

The melt index after recycling on the Plasmac extrusion granulator for polyethylene changes by no more than 5%.

Currently, Plasmac is 60% owned by EREMA Group (Austria) and 40% by SYNCRO Group (Italy).