Laboratory equipmentt

MFI indexer

The device is used for measuring MFI of all major types of polymers (polypropylene, polyethylene, polystyrene, ABS, polycarbonate, nylon, and others).

Technical parameters:
1) Measuring the flow rate range: 0.01-200g /10min;
2) Temperature range: up to 400℃;
3) Fluctuations of temperature: <0.2 °C;
4) Temperature recovery time: <4min;
5) The time interval for cut-off sample: 1-36000сек;
6) Measurement methods: volumetric and mass.

Advantages of this model:

+ semi-automatic (as a rule, such modifications of plastometers are operated at large profile enterprises; the devices are able to evaluate not only the mass, but also the volume index of melt flow; the devices have a built-in microprocessor, with which you can set dozens of different parameters of tests. “Routine” operations, for example cutting of the extrudate, is carried out in automatic mode.);
+ digital display;
+ volume sensor for MVR measurement method (volume measurement method);
+ printout of the receipt with the results of the entered parameters and the received MFI value;
+ USB port for connecting to a computer for storing and managing measurement results;
+ proven manufacturer with 1 year factory warranty;
+ instructions in Russian, including video instructions;

The delivery package includes a complete set of all necessary accessories for the device: loads of different weights, rods, scrapers, etc.

Functional characteristics meet the requirements of international standards: GB/T3682-2000, ISO1133:2005, ASTM D1238, JIS K7210, ISO 12100:2010.

There is a certificate of compliance.

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Electronic balance

Microweights, also known as laboratory scales, are widely used in laboratory research and experiments, providing high accuracy of measurements, because the success of the experiment directly depends on it.

Microweights — a device that can accurately determine the weight of the body to hundredths (thousandths) of a gram.

Technical parameters:
1.) Measuring range: up to 300 g;
2.) Measurement accuracy: 0.01 g;
3.) Operating temperature: 5-35 ℃;
4.)Working humidity: 50-85%

Accurate scales are the key to correct test control!


Electronic moisture analyzer

A halogen humidity analyzer is a device for measuring the absolute moisture content as a percentage of the total mass of a sample. The principle of its operation is based on the use of a halogen lamp and gravimetric thermal decomposition.

The halogen humidity analyzer measures the weight of the sample and, at the same time, the halogen lamp heats the components and quickly dries the samples through the water evaporation channel. During the drying process, the humidity meter continues to measure the weight and instantly displays the weight loss of the sample’s moisture content in %. After the drying process is complete, the final value of the measured humidity content is displayed on the screen.

Technical parameters:
1.) Maximum weight to measure: up to 50 g;
2.) Measurement accuracy: 0.001 g/0.01%;
3.) Humidity measurement range: 0.01% to 100%;
4.) Operating temperature: up to 160 ℃;
5.) Ability to connect to a printer to print the result.

The importance of this device is obvious for those enterprises that use their production technology to take into account the residual moisture content of raw materials in % for the best performance indicator. And also for those who control incoming raw materials, paying for the net weight of the material, and not for water.

Electronic moisture analyzer

The muffle (laboratory) oven has a very wide range of applications due to its versatility (processing
metals, ceramics, polymers). Used to create optimal temperature conditions for heat treatment
materials, changes in their structure, and studies of their properties. To do this, the following is supported inside the working chamber:
temperature regime with a uniform distribution over the entire space.

Technical specifications:
1) operating temperature: up to 1100 ℃
2) heating speed: 25 ℃/min.
3) temperature fluctuation: ±1℃
4) temperature uniformity inside the chamber: 5%
5) camera size: 300x200x200mm
6) External dimensions: L/W/H 640x470x430mm
7) K-type Thermocouple

Ideal for determining ash content – the presence of cheapening mineral additives in various
polymers, which allows you to save on the purchase of raw materials for the production of various products, on average up to 20-